Panamorph Paladin DCR

MSRP $8,995.00

The Paladin lens is the highest performing anamorphic lens available in the industry for use at the 3840×2160 UHD resolution of today’s high end home theater projectors. However, some projectors such as Sony’s VPL-VW5000ES and the new VPL-VW885ES actually support the full 4096×2160 native resolution of commercial digital cinemas. So in addition to the UHD anamorphic modes used with the current Paladin lens, these projector models also include alternate anamorphic modes to upconvert UHD letterbox movies to the full 4096×2160 digital cinema frame when using a 1.25X horizontal expansion lens or a 0.8X vertical compression lens. This offers even higher net home theater performance from 4K/UHD sources than anamorphic UHD. In reality, older 1.25X horizontal expansion lens technology restricts the projector’s light output and image detail. So we’ve decided to introduce a new Paladin “DCR” (Digital Cinema Resolution) lens based on our patented, industry leading vertical compression technology.

  • Compatible with Sony VPL-VW5000ES and VPL-VW885ES projector models as a fully fixed lens system (no moving parts). No other components necessary. Projectors should be set to “Anamorphic 1.24x”. UltraWide movies are watched with the “V-stretch” aspect mode and 16:9 and other smaller content can be watched normally with the “Squeeze” aspect mode. As a 16:9 alternative, the “2.35:1 Zoom” mode will apply a 25% horizontal stretch while cropping a small amount at the top and bottom to completely fill the 2.4:1 screen with 16:9 content. 16:9 sports may require slight memory zoom to reveal scores since 16:9 is slightly taller than movies.
  • Almost 40% higher brightness from 2.5+ million more pixels on the screen for UltraWide movies (80% of popular titles) compared to UHD 3840 letterbox projection (ie memory zoom). (1.14X enhancement from upconversion to 4096 multiplied by a net 1.22X enhancement from the anamorphic process [actual measured performance]).
  • Supports UltraWide throw ratios (screen width divided by projector throw distance) down to 1.4:1.
  • Less than 3/4” edge masking required for distortion at the 1.4:1 minimum ratio. Distortion decreases with higher ratios and can be removed using Sony software if desired.
  • Focus-free, extremely sharp performance from 12 to 35 feet.
  • XM2 kit recommended for direct attachment to VPL-VW885ES and for “sandwich” attachment to VPL-VW5000ES. Does not change the screen width for easy retrofit of existing theaters.
  • Flat 2.4:1 screens highly recommended but 2.35:1 screens work with slight horizontal overscan.
  • Designed for horizontally centered projectors installed approximately at height of screen top.
  • We are currently confirming the use of the Lumagen Radiance Pro (18 GHz option) so that the Paladin DCR can be used with the JVC RS4500/Z1 and Digital Projection Insight full 4096 projectors.